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The Who's Roger Daltrey says the band's announced plans for a farewell tour doesn't mean the group is coming to an end - or that they'll stop performing. 

The singer tells the upcoming trek will simply be the band's last extended road trip.  Daltrey explains that "the grind" of "schlepping" themselves from city to city every day is exhausting, and they have to be realistic about their age. 

But he says they still love performing for an audience, and will continue to play shows.  Roger explains that The Who has always been there for charity shows, and they might do extended two-to-three-week engagements.  He adds that they're also considering other "more experimental" things as well. 

Last week guitarist Pete Townshend told the UK's "Evening Standard" that The Who would be retiring from the road following a final 50th anniversary trek in 2015.  He added that on the tour he wanted to visit places The Who has never performed before. 

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