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Roger Waters is paying tribute to his father, and bringing an end to his lifelong effort to come to terms with the loss. 

The former Pink Floyd frontman has installed a monument near the World War Two battle site where his dad was killed back in 1944.  At the unveiling ceremony in Italy, Waters said he's glad that his father's sacrifice is being remembered. 

Second Lieutenant Eric Waters was killed on February 18th, 1944, on a beach just south of Rome as the Allies attempted to move into Italy.  The monument, at the Roselli Institute in Aprilia, Italy, recognizes the rocker's father and others who died during that World War Two battle. 

Roger was just five-months old when his dad was killed, and the rocker struggled throughout his life to reconcile losing a father he never knew.  His dad's remains were never recovered and battle details weren't divulged, which made coming to terms with the loss more difficult for him. 

Roger only recently learned the specifics about the battle and how his father died.  A number of Pink Floyd's songs -- including their album The Wall -- were inspired by his torment over his dad. 

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