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The Flaming Lips are selling out.  Or at least that's what the indie vets said in series of videos they created with "Funny or Die" as part of an elaborate April Fools' Day joke. 

In one of the clips, frontman Wayne Coyne tries his best to slick back his hair and sits down with a record exec played by comedian Jon Daly for a meeting about expanding the Flaming Lips brand. 

In addition to director Michael Bay's take on a "Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots" movie, they also talk about Flaming Lips-brand lip balm and a line of e-cigarettes that's just as addictive as the band's music.  But all these extra ventures mean Coyne doesn't have time to be the Lips full-time frontman. 

Another "Funny or Die" video shows "Portlandia" star Fred Armisen auditioning for the gig and taking the band through a range of genres from Krautrock to Coldplay-style anthems.  But Wayne ultimately gives Fred the thumbs-down. 

Meanwhile, it turns out the Dark Side of the Moon companion piece the band unveiled earlier this week is also part of the "selling out" prank.  They actually recorded the joke album Flaming Side of the Moon with "Funny or Die" as well, and fans can watch a video of the entire process below.