Peter Dinklage Reads Poetry, Talks Game of Thrones on Ron Burgundy Podcast

The Ron Burgundy Podcast

The Ron Burgundy Podcast

Peter Dinklage is known for his appearances in many movies and TV shows, but especially hit HBO series Game of Thrones as his character Tyrion Lannister. And with the premiere of the final season of the show less than a week away, Dinklage was the latest guest to appear on "The Ron Burgundy Podcast," this week's episode focusing on ... poetry.

The podcast's co-host and producer Carolina suggested an episode about poetry to "add more culture." However, Ron Burgundy didn't exactly agree, as his idea of culture is "exotic dancing with drums and scarves."

But, the show proceeded with the poetry topic, as Carolina (who minored in 19th century poetry at Sarah Lawrence College) talked about her favorite poet: Emily Dickinson. But, Burgundy was more interested in his new sound machine, which makes a wide variety of sound effects, to pay attention to facts about Dickinson.

Then, Dinklage called in to the podcast to recite some poetry himself; he's actually a big fan of poetry. He called it "a lost art form."

But, before Peter read his first poem, he chatted a bit about Game of Thrones (or "Throne of Games" as Burgundy kept calling the show), and explained that he could not reveal any spoilers for fans.

Following confirmation that the dragons on the show are not real and that they have an incredibly talented special affects team, Dinklage recited his first poem which was written by his 7-year-old daughter. "A gentle flower blows in the moonlight," the actor read, before being interrupted by Ron's sound machine. And after some back and forth, Dinklage was finally able to recite the full poem, which contained one more line: "It sings, it dances."

After Ron unplugged his disruptive sound machine (or so he claimed), the second poem that Dinklage read was by Oscar Wilde called Her Voice. The actor got through four lines before he was, again, interrupted by Burgundy and his sound machine. Apparently his "elbow slipped."

Peter's time on the episode almost ended there as he said that even though he was "alright," he explained that "Game of Thrones fans [are] pretty upset by this, that's all I gotta say. And you don't want to mess with them, you know?" He also added that he "did a lot of research on these poems."

Dinklage tried to get through a few more poems, but was continuously interrupted by Ron's sound machine, and before saying goodbye, said, "You know why I'm still on the line? I'll tell you the hard truth of it all. Game of Thrones is over. Things like this is all I have left. Then, he thanked Burgundy and said, "You've made me realize the next path of my life is gonna be this."

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