My Chemical Romance Reacts To Andrew Lloyd Webber Playing 'Black Parade'

Legendary composer Andrew Lloyd Webber, who's the brains behind “Jesus Christ Superstar,” “Phantom Of The Opera”, and “Cats,” showed some love to My Chemical Romance on Twitter and everyone is freaking out.

Lloyd Webber managed to see a 2017 tweet that read, “Still fuming that The Black Parade hasn’t been made into some incredible goth musical.” and decided to reply in the most Lloyd Webber way possible.

On Thursday (October 29), he replied to the fan's tweet with a video sitting at a piano.

“Musical theater fans everywhere, what do you think of when you hear this?” he asked the camera before playing chords from “Phantom Of The Opera.”

He continued, “And for everybody else, what do you think of when you hear this?” He then plays the iconic G note from “Welcome To The Black Parade.” Along with his video, the renowned theater composer captioned the video, “It's one thing to create an iconic set of chords, it's another to make one note iconic?”

It didn't take long for members of My Chemical Romance to see the tweet and reply. Ray Toro retweeted Lloyd Webber with the head explosion emoji while Frank Iero tweeted the praise hands and a black heart.

Whether this means Lloyd Webber is contemplating an MCR musical or not, he does have some help with it considering a group of fans has already released an epic 82-page script for a “Black Parade” musical that I'm sure they'd be willing to share with him.

Photos: Getty Images