I Would Cry: TikToker Discovers She's Three Years Older Than She Thought

I would cry so hard if this happened to me! I already get bummed on my birthday as it is. And then you think about the three years you could have been driving or going to bars with friends and just ... yeah, I would cry.

A TikToker named Lydia posted a video about how she purchased a DNA kit to find out more about her heritage. She was able to get in touch with family from all over the world. 

The problem started when Lydia was filling out a profile for the family tree and received information that "no Lydia Ellen with (her) birth date". She found medical records that show she was 18 mths old in July 1997. Lydia said that her birthday, so she thought, was May 1998. 

She said "My medical records suggesting I was born in May 1995. Meaning I would be 26 this year instead of 23? Surely it's just a mistake...".

Lydia has set the video to private, saying in a comment on TikTok that she's overwhelmed with the attention, but she's promised to give an update. Her username is @lyddelle_ if you want to keep an eye out.

Source: Unilad