This Is How Much It Will Cost You To Have A Flying Car

There was a inter-city test flight of a flying car recently, bringing us closer to actually living in Back to the Future II. It's predicted that people will actually be able to buy their own flying car in the next two years.

"People", however, means the wealthy. Because of course it does.

But how much will these cars set you back, I hear you ask? According to research conducted by the Pentagon Motor Group, the average vehicle could set you back an eye-watering £535,831 [$742,541].

This calculation includes the price of the car itself, the insurance, the flying licence needed to fly it, storage and parking costs, as well as fuel.

If you thought your current car insurance was bad, the insurance on a flying car could cost you nearly £13,000 [$18,015] a year. (Unilad)

In the immortal words of Randy Jackson, it's a no for me, dawg.

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