GREEN DAY: Raiding the BBC Archive

Green Day poured out a taste of their archive of BBC sessions earlier this year on a single available only to members of their Oakland Coffee Club, but they're opening the vaults a lot wider on a new album that everyone can dive into.

The BBC Sessions, which is due out on December10th, will have 16songs the band recorded at BBC studios between 1994 and 2001. The album will be available on CD, digitally and in a limited-edition two-LP vinyl set.

Check out the latest teaser on YouTube.

BBC Sessions Track Listing

  1. She (Live at theBBCJune81994)
  2. When I Come Around (Live at theBBCJune81994)
  3. Basket Case (Live at theBBCJune81994)
  4. 2000Light Years Away (Live at theBBCJune81994)
  5. Geek Stink Breath (Live at theBBCNovember31996)
  6. Brain Stew/Jaded (Live at theBBCNovember31996)
  7. Walking Contradiction (Live at theBBCNovember31996)
  8. Stuck With Me (Live at theBBCNovember31996)
  9. Hitchin’ a Ride (Live at theBBCFebruary121998)
  10. Nice Guys Finish Last (Live at theBBCFebruary121998)
  11. Prosthetic Head (Live at theBBCFebruary121998)
  12. Redundant (Live at theBBCFebruary121998)
  13. Castaway (Live at theBBCAugust282001)
  14. Church on Sunday (Live at theBBCAugust282001)
  15. Minority (Live at theBBCAugust282001)
  16. Waiting (Live at theBBCAugust282001)

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