Casa Bonita Appoints New Executive Chef - You Read That Right

"South Park" creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker made an announcement on Tuesday that could mean better food ahead for Casa Bonita.

The new owners of the iconic Lakewood restaurant said they're partnering with Denver restaurateur Dana Rodriguez, who will be the executive chef.

Rodriguez is a three-time James Beard award nominee who has opened two Denver restaurants, with a third coming soon, according to a news release that also officially announced Stone and Parker's purchase of the restaurant. The goal for the coming months, as Rodriguez puts it, is to “improve everything, but change nothing.”

She plans to keep the famous sopapillas, as well, but will possibly add to them.

Starting as a dishwasher, Rodriguez worked her way up the local restaurant hierarchy, which included time in the culinary trenches at two of Denver’s more prominent eateries, Rioja and Bistro Vendome alongside James Beard award-winning Chef and Owner Jennifer Jasinski.


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