Batman Oral Sex Controversy Has The Internet Freaking Out

A huge chunk of the internet spent the last 24 hours debating whether or not Batman performs oral sex...which led to jokes, memes, and weird discussions about the sex lives of all sorts of fictional characters.

It started with a Variety article about TV shows that subvert the superhero genre. The adult animated HBO Max series Harley Quinn was one of the shows being discussed, and co-creator Justin Halpern shared a story about DC making them cut a scene where it was pretty clear that Batman was going down on Catwoman. Halpern said they phrased their objection to the joke as "You absolutely cannot do that. Heroes don't do that." That quote hit Twitter and people went insane. This generated A LOT of discussion about what kind of lover Batman would be, what other superheroes might be like in the bedroom, etc., with people pulling up comic book panels and cartoon clips to support their argument or illustrate their jokes, some media outlets even posting think pieces on the topic, and all kinds of people weighing in with their takes. #BatmanGoesDown was trending for a while and the discourse around the whole thing dominated Twitter into the early morning hours.

Below are some highlights from the fun people had with this on Twitter:

Photo: Getty Images

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