What Your Foot Shape Says About Your Personality

Here’s What The Shape Of Your Feet Reveals About Your Personality.


The Roman Foot is the most common. This shape could mean that you’re social, love people and are excited to try new things. You thrive in the business world, and don't mind being the center of attention.  

The Square Foot is also called the “peasant foot," and usually the kind of person who has this is pretty calm, reasonable, and likes to think things through.  

Greek Foot- People with this type of foot have a second toe longer than the big toe, and people with this setup tend to be enthusiastic and optimistic -- despite the fact that a good shoe might be hard to find. 

An Elongated Foot might be indicative of more than you think. Apparently, if your toes are really small in comparison to the rest of your foot, you can be pretty impulsive -- but these folks are also pretty good at keeping secrets.



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